Caring Car in Summer

Car Needs more attention during Summer

 Summer in Delhi tends to be particularly rough on people, animals and also on vehicles. The scorching heat spares no one – whether a Car’s fluids, filters, cooling systems, engine, break and clutch rubber pads or other – everything suffers. This is why the summer car care tips below should help you caring your car and running it smooth, during the high heat days.

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  1. Start with popping the hood & conducting a full visual inspection. Agreed that in this day & age of engine covers, there’s little that’s visible, but it ought to be done nevertheless. Check for frayed belts and degrading hoses.
  2. Next, check & top-up all important fluids, like Brake and Clutch Oil, Power-steering fluid and Engine oil are the most critical and important fluids that need proper care and regular top up.
  3. Pay close attention to the Coolant levels. Top it up if it is running low. Better still, it is a best practice to replace the coolant annually, preferably before the onset of summer.
  4. Make sure the air-conditioning system is serviced & gas recharging is carried out to ensure maximum cooling efficiency & minimum strain on the engine.
  5. Clean the air-conditioning vents thoroughly. Most people tend to ignore the ducts & keep pumping out static air. Also change out the pollen/air-conditioning filter, if it has been a long time since you replaced it last.
  6. Get the battery inspected as well as the entire electrical charging & supply system. You don’t want to be stranded by the roadside on a summer afternoon in the sweltering heat. 
  7. The paint finish on Cars in India takes an unbelievable beating from the sun during the Hot Summers. A quality paint protection layer might help keep the color from fading away.
  8. As far as possible, find a covered parking spot for your car that is find a shadowy place for your car Parking, like a basement or under an shade or under a big tree as well .
  9. One of most important Summer Car care tips is if possible try not fully close the window or give some gap to let air circulate inside the car to outside the car.It will help your car interior not turning into an oven.
  10. Invest in a windshield blind it helps in shielding your interiors from the direct assault of the sun. They’re cheap to buy & are quite effective.
  11. And the last tip is use a quality vinyl & upholstery protect-ant to prevent the interior of your  car from fading under the sun.

Hope these tips on ” Caring Car in Summer ” will help you keeping your car cool, efficient and running smooth during the sweltering heat of summer.

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